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I’ve finished writing and editing and polishing my first novel, Camera Shy. Now I’m seeking an agent as the first step in getting it published.

The Gist of the Book . . .

Magdalena McGinty has a few phobias, including having her picture taken. So, she makes sure that she’s the one taking the pictures.

She’s a struggling wedding photographer who lives with her parents and two sisters in the Little Italy section of Niagara Falls, New York. Where everybody knows your name, and your parents’ names, and your grandparents’ names.

Magdalena is shooting a wedding when the groom’s cousin is found strangled in the coat room. The main suspect is Magdalena’s cousin Joey, and she promises to find a way to clear him.

With no clue about how to investigate a murder, Magdalena fumbles her way through a growing list of suspects and motives. She discovers more victims and receives several anonymous warnings to stay away or else.

She knows she’s in way over her head, like being at the bottom of Niagara Falls. And she doesn’t want to end up there for real.



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Girl hiding face: Alexander Else via Creative Commons
Woman Photographer: Pixabay
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