Phobia Friday™ – Let the Games Begin 1

Happy April Fool’s Day. It’s a good day to stay in bed if you have pharsaphobia – the fear of pranks.
The practical jokers will be out in force, especially as it’s a workday, and a Friday!
Here are some examples. You’ve been warned.

april fool pranks



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Phobia Friday™ – Say it Louder 1


I think I’m developing allodoxaphobia – the fear of opinions.
There are just so many being thrown around now, especially on Facebook.
And they come on so strong. If I plan to vote for a different presidential candidate than you, I’m not simply misinformed. I must be an evil idiot.
Can’t argue with that.




photo: pixabay (public domain)

Phobia Friday™ – Happy to Be Back on the Ground

airline food cartoon

I’m posting this from Dublin, Ireland after flying through the night from Buffalo via New York. Fortunately, I don’t suffer from Aviophobia, the fear of flying.
I would say my issue is more the aggravation of flying: security, check-in, waiting, crowds, confinement.
Travel columnist James Wysong reassures his readers about the safety of flying by pointing out: “You have more of a chance of dying from the food onboard than being involved in an accident.”
I believe it. Add the lousy food to the aggravation list.
But I’m on vacation in Europe, for which I am thankful. Flying is just part of the price of being able to visit new places. Now to find a pub.



cartoon: WulffMorgenthaler

Phobia Friday™ – Phobia Road Trip 1

ferris wheel


I’m spending this Phobia Friday in Syracuse, NY, which boasts the invention of the ferris wheel, the mousetrap, and the dentist chair.







Something for everybody. Acrophobia (heights), musophobia (mice), dentophobia (dentists).




dentist chair


And if you hate sitting at a traffic light, you can thank Syracuse for that one too.






dentist chair: Collect Medical Antiques




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