Phobia Friday™ – Control Click THIS

child on phone

My mother and my mother-in-law are each embarking on the same project this week: learning how to use a smart phone. When I signed my mom up for an iphone class at the Apple store, I told her to be sure and mention that she used to work for the phone company, so they would give her a front seat.
I give them credit for being willing to learn. Technology has changed enormously in their lifetime. Some older people have technophobia, and want nothing to do with computers, tablets, and smart phones. It’s just too much to take in.
Meanwhile, last week my 22-year-old niece was marveling at an old typewriter she found in her grandparents’ basement. I had to show her what the different buttons and levers do, which was a nice change.
I wonder what weird new technology I’ll have to deal with in my old age.



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